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Here are several poems that I have written. Feel free to send me your poems if you would like to see them here!

In a Feeling I Whisper
The Pasture of the Ram
Iron Doors
Purple Velvet


You are the one...
who has made me who I am today
What have you done to me?
For I am not the same
Your hard heart had made me weep
now my heart is as cold
where you were
For I have been frozen
Oh, that my heart
would melt again
and I could find the compassion
that you took from me
from the mechanical existence
the cold metal shell
I created because of you
Living and not loving
You had been my warmth
you took with it my flame
and the rock I stood upon
For now I am wandering

In A Feeling I Whisper
summer of 1998

I stand
on a mountain top
a pinacle I have climbed
with the wind …
your breath …
at my back.
I stand erect
on legs, feet
that you gave me
arms stretched wide
my head tilted back
the starlight
that splashes
upon my face
is your light
And I rise higher
my legs...body
lifting up
and I am floating
drifting melodiously
on the waves
of your love.
Their salty brine
is so full of you…
I take it in
and I rock…
between crest and trough
crest and trough
and I whisper
and I whisper
my words drift to you
in a bottle, uncorked
bobbing… drifting… d r i f t
And I whisper…and I whisper…
This is mine.

The Pasture of the Ram

a blanket spread
a glance
a touch
a feeling
a simple feast
a duck fed
in the pasture of the ram

a walk
a weathered stone
a knowledge
a hand held
a moment shared
a lifetime ahead
in the old town graveyard

a word spoken
a silence
a confession
an embrace
a love known
a tear held
a chill felt
in the dark rain of castle hill

a lonely one
a memory
a tear shed
a treasure held
a waiting lover
a blowing wind
in the pasture of the ram

Jan. '98

Behind the IRON DOORS
of his chest
roars a fire
fierce and strong
as few can ever see
its power overwhelms him
Sears him with its passion

It is his life
his soul
his love
beating upon the furnace walls
screaming in agony
as he fights to e s c a p e
his o w n f l a m e
so easily stoked
for its coals are strong
and are all too often thought

and he e s c a p e s
in fits and bursts
of violent steam and smoke
that he can no longer contain
his body m o v e s as
the raging fire within him
for a moment
a devouring animal
it always reflects
the fear and confusion noisufnoc dna raef eht
in the eyes of those who witness it
his eyes d a r t i n g
breath pounding
body ready to snap
S e a R c h I n g
for a way OUT
seeking the weight of a hand
of stroking fingers
someone's soft, determined voice
listening to him
guiding him
helping to see
hoping he will find
a warm glow
a reason
an acceptance
of the burning in his heart


Purple Velvet

One summer night
We shared a storm
In our Purple velvet world

we ran through head high grass
dotted with blinking stars
below the everburning fireflies
they led us in fruitless dances
then landed in our hands

That night was a storm
In our purple velvet world

we made confessions
and compared fields and fireflies
we laughed about the letter "S"
and its four different levels
we sat upon a castle hill
defining the ocean
my stone, my bear, our pine
that naughty salad with dressing

We called that night a storm
In our purple velvet world

Looking up at the branches
I shared tales of
the felony of climbing trees
the silliness of swinging from them
and how he fell
We talked of doing it together sometime

This was our storm
In our purple velvet world

flashnings blinked around us
as a silent pounding show
its beauty broken by a siren
that distant despairing cry
brought us back to name
tsunamis and tornadoes
that did or might just drown us

But we were safe in our storm
In our purple velvet world
Then we turned to go


I could touch you at this distance
but you're of alabaster flesh
a pillar of cold resistance
so smooth
so cold
clear white of your flawless skin
thin enought to let escape
that faint marbled pink from within
of life
of love
encased in your tough stone shell
your lips tight and straight tease me so
waiting to hear what they won't tell
as are your chilled sapphire-soup eyes'
dark dilated surfaces show absence
hide warm wet wild pain in blind lies
so vulnerable
so fragile
yet your every contour looks so strong
you are perfect chiselled alabaster

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