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Subj: news
Date: 98-06-16 01:04:21 EDT
From: Bokrug249
 To: Cthulhu0,
 Goblin Gie, Doorwayboy, Wrenchgrl8, GrlBanshee, Bunnyman80, Flee2bFree, Disconekt, Callydria, Snippy15, AuroraLull, Cybele001, Pixxy00, Praxxis72, Xx HoR xX, XcrowboyX, SATYRPUCK,,,,, Kiraness

please forward this to anyone who might benefit...
first off, I had intended to use my site to keep you tree sloths informed about upcoming events, but i won't be able to update that thing until my computer stops sucking, which may take just about forever.

anyway, I'd like to discuss something rather important to me: The Fete Du Triomphe.

here's the general information thing i've been sending to people who ask me about it:

Basically, it starts on friday, june 26, at about 5 or 6 o'clock in the woods behind Sacs fields. We're pretty much just gonna make a fire and keep it going for three days, stay up late and tell stories and read peoms and shit, sleep in tents, during the day some people will go out and buy food and take showers, and some will probably play capture the flag or something. Many people will take drugs. Many people will not sleep for three days. By the end, we'll all be insaine and frantic and it'll be great. Parking at treadwell or sandy hook elementary is sorta legal.

so that's that. I have, however, added a few things. This schedual has been endorsed by the eleven people i had contact with today, so i think it's descent...

Now, last year's fete was kicked off by a wide-scale scavenger hunt, and it has been decided that something similar must begin this years festivities...

Some of you may have noticed, been involved in, or been victim too the war against suburbia that was declared this weekend.
if you are a victim, well, while i still have feeling I wish to apologize.
If yr mad at me or any of my cohorts, we offer our sincerest appologies.
anyway, it has been decided that this war shall rage untill friday, the 26th of june, at while point the final battle will take place. On this day, uneasy ties of alliance shall be formed and all day we will battle against each other and the civilians of this town. Baisically, when you get up in the morning, try to find some people whom will help you go out and make people wet and throw toilet paper and spaggetti at peoples houses, and then GET OUT THERE AND FIGHT!!!!

once the war is over and we are friends again, we will meet back at the campsite and begin the Fete proper.

the traditional Bachana will take place saturday night, the 27th.
This will invole stories and poems around the campfire, as well as a fair amount of running and jumping and yelling and chanting and killing and fucking and drugs and dancing and eating red meat and rolling around. all, of course, in apropriate parts of the woods.

The 28th will be a day of relaxing and feasting on ramen and cheap soda. This is, baisically, 'recovery day'

If any of you have objections ar suggestions, or would like anything clarified, write me. Don't try to call me at home, I am uncomfortable on the phone.


for yr amusment, a list thusfar of the casualties of this war->

Keenan Golder- Ganked by hot candle wax while trippping
Pam and Lauren- Ganked unexpectedly outside of Dunkin Donuts
Joey Strong- Ganked in the parking lot of The Ice Cream Shop
Johnny- Ganked execution style by Joey strong
Ben Tull- Ganked repeatedly at the teen center
An asortment of punks- All ganked in a frantic assault on the teen center
My old stereo- Ganked into pieces up and down church hill road
 Josh's car- heeee heee
Matt Lavallee's ass- Ganked with a pellet gun
Erik Richter- Ganked as he peacefully sat in meditation in his backyard
Tristan Schwartzman- Ganked on his own doorstep
Ben Kugielsky- Thuroughly ganked on his back porch after his dad locked him out

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