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The "Good Old Days"

Pictures I stole

Old School Pics

Newer Pics

The Suburban War

Ode to the Beast of War

Missions for the Boognish

This page is dedicated to the old times, to the times we spent in Newtown, that god aweful pit that we do miss at times. Those were the times of close friendships...when every "gathering" or party was sure to bring 40 people we all knew and loved. Well, not all of them were loved, but at least they thought they were. These were the times before we all left to find our new lives at college. For now we have traveled to distant, far away places and found new adventures and new friends, and different lives. But those are different stories unto themselves. This is a page for the days that were, the ones we may try to recreate but can never be the same.

For those of you with whom I shared these times, be prepared for a visual flashback. For those of you who have only been with me for these last three years at UNH,(good god, its been THREE years) be prepared to learn about how I came to be.

Before I go on, I must insist that AFTER you finish going through my page you go to this link:
The Setting
This is an amazing site detailing life in Newtown as we knew it - the people, the culture...Check out the "sightings" link....its freaky.

DBOG EB66 The "Setting" page above is part of an extensive ring, and this is the main site.

These are your new grounds
you were an angel
here I'm your demons
you are a man

you're the one to blame
what choice did you make?
you're pride was insane
what side did you take?

you're lost, gone
you were an angel
God lost you
you are a man
no pity
you were an angel
no mercy
you are a man


Pictures I stole, Old School Pics, Newer Pics, The Suburban War, Ode to the Beast of War

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