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    A little more time and this page will be complete.

Hi, I'm Kira. And you have been looking through my webpage, no doubt. I was inspired to do so by the many creative pages that friends of mine have made. Well, that and boredom and a need to create. I really shouldn't have the free time to do all of this because I am a college student. Yup. I go the University of New Hampshire. It's a good place, and I live in an even better dorm. The Creative Arts dorm. It is one of six special mini dorms, on the far reaches of campus. There or only 48 people in my building, and most of them I call friends. We do some great things when we come out of our rut of boredom.

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My family lives in dad, mom, and older brother. We have two cats, who I love dearly. One is named Cocoa and the other is Cinder.


I hate to brag, but I have the most amazing friends...both here at school and at home. I have some pictures of them on my page. Somehow my friends from home have remained a very important part of my life, even though I live 3 1/2 hours away from them. We are quite the bunch. I am one of the few who actually left the state. Still, we are all close. They are my people.
My friends here at school are awesome too. Most of them live here in my dorm. I will soon have pictures of them up on my page.


Hobbies? Well, I like to do a lot of things. I love art, and am taking a couple art classes. During my free time I can be found in the art building working on one assigmnment or another. I am hoping to become an art teacher, we'll see how that goes. I also like to collect glasses and bottles. Most of the bottles I use to hold herbs. That is another one of my hobbies: learning about and using herbs for health and for magic. I've gotten to the point where I don't have to rely on store-bought or chemical products to take care of myself. It's a lot of fun.