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The Mini-dorms go to Manray!

There is that time of the month, the second friday, when my friends and I dress up like the freaks we really are, and head down to Boston's club, The Manray. These are the pictures I have from the last time we all went. I think there 25 of us, total, that made the trek. I didn't end up getting back to UNH until 6 the next morning, we took a little detour.

I love going to this place. I've only been there three times, because of finding transportation down to Boston and having conflicting plans. I hope to make it down there in May, and again over the summer. My parents definately wouldn't approve, it's the kind of atmosphere they just wouldn't understand: loud music - techno in one room, gothic in another. Everyone there is dressed to be noticed, and in order to get in the door you have to be wearing black or have a very creative-exotic costume. You get an interesting array of people at Hell night in Manray. There are drag queens (the ladies bathroom is always a spectacle), snooty gothic people, obnoxious old fat men, beautiful young vixens, gorgeous young men with long shiny hair,a couple ravers, and the ever present bunch in victorian garb.

This is the club's web page: ManRay-->This has the listing of all their theme nights and when they are. Oh, it also informs you of their dress code.
It is named after an artist. All I know about him is that he did cool shit.

The group shot.

Chris and Jo.

This is Dan.

Jeff and I.
(The top I'm wearing is one that I made
out of electrical tape...not too
comfortable or practical, but hey.)

Andy and Matt.


Allison and Kaitlin.

Kim and Allison.

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