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jabbering Mona

I am a little bit of an artist. As of now I have been taking a few art classes here at UNH and am aspiring to be an art teacher. These are a few pictures I have of some of my pieces:

I have just added a new page of black and white photograghy! They are prints that I have made in my photo class, and I will be adding more every other week.


Watercolor Paintings
River, Lady in Hat, Berries, Tomatoes, Little Girl on Beach, Bird, Dolphins, a classmate in ink
Oil Paintings
Kat, Jug, Bright Still Life, Still Life, Yellow Head
Circles, Abstract, Plaster, Mask, Tree House, Umbrella
Self Portraits
Ceramics (coming soon!)

(Click on the images to see a larger picture)


"Rushing River"
This is a picture of my latest water color painting. It was on display for a short time at
Laszlo's Arts Cafe in Monroe, Ct. This painting is from a photograph found in a magazine, and if I remeber correctly, it is a place in the Adirrondacs.
Rushing River, watercolor

"Lady in Hat"
A watercolor painting that I did while taking classes during my years in high school.
Lady in Hat, watercolor
Here are some photos of some of my earlier watercolor paintings.

My very first watercolor, "Berries"
Berries, watercolor

A small watercolor of tomatoes and berries.
tomatoes and berries, watercolor

"Little Girl on the Beach"
Girl on the Beach, watercolor

Bird, watercolor

Dolphins, watercolor

"a classmate in ink"
a classmate, ink

Oil Paintings

Kat, oil painting

"Jug" an unfinished painting
Jug, unfinished oil painting

"Bright still life"
bright colored still life, oil

"Still Life"
A still life study in oil paint, with a close up view of the jug. This is the first still life I did in a painting class I took at UNH.
Still Life, oil on canvas board close up of jug

"Portrait, head"
head portrait, oil


This is an abstract scuplture I made as a final project. I used basket weaving materials as well as yarn, and other materials fashioned into rings.
scuplture with basket materials and found objects from a different angle close up of a couple rings

An abstract, volumous shape using all of one plank of wood
Abstract volume, wood
A plaster torso copied from the Laocoon scuplture
Plaster torso of Laocoon group
A ceramic mask with found objects, meant to be a self portrait. This and the following picture was published in my high school's literary/arts maganine: "IMPACT".
Mask, ceramic and misc

"Tree House"
A ceramic "tree house" with wire, plastic strips, leaves, bark, and moss.
Tree House, ceramic and mixed media

Life size ceramic umbrella
ceramic umbrella

Self Portraits

self portrait in a hat, charcoal self protrait, ink self portrait, oil self portrait with a veil over my face


These are not the whole drawings, only what sections I could fit onto my scanner!

colored pencil on beige paper a drawing facing Kingsbury Hall section of a drawing, pencils on green paper another section of the drawing with nude male section of a drawing of nude female

Some sketches

Little sketches of friends that I did for fun.

"Chris, by memory"
sketch of chris, by memory

"Doug in trenchcoat"
sketch of Doug

"John and Snuk"
John and Snuk, sketch

"Boy and Lynn"
Boy and Lynn, sketch

(Vanessa and I at Casey Miller's house!!!!)
Vanessa and I, sketch

"Magic circle"
altar, sketch

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