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The Land of Creativity

Eaton House! The creative arts dorm of the six themed mini dorms. We are a creative community of wackos and psychos and some very quiet unassuming creatures. We are often the host of coffee houses, where students can show off their musical and poetic talent, we also try to do other artsy the mural that never happened. We have even hosted a XXX rated Xmas party, and a gothic dance night. Fun!

The students from areas 1 and 2 like to call us and all other mini dorm residents "the freaks". We don't all mind too much, in fact, some of us are quite proud of the status! Where else can you find all the populations of hippies, hikers, nerds, engineers, and art feaks all living within earshot of each other? Only in the minis. Our dorms are very small (only 50 people in each) and our rooms are even smaller. Our walls are paper thin and there is a surprising resounding echo off of the buildings.

The University of New Hampshire has info on our community: The Minidorms

Whoa, I almost forgot one of the most important things about Eaton House: that which we hold sacred. The Couch Boat. It has been in existence for years now, and when it is not here we feel lost and confused and violated. All it is, is two of the couches in the lounge, pushed together facing each other creating a big cushy happy place in the middle of the room. You will always find people there, hanging out, doing homework, sleeping, watching TV, etc. Sometimes other interesting things happen on the couch boat.

A sculpture in Eaton
A sculpture by Mark greeting you at the doorway

typical scene outside Eaton
Welcome to Eaton House, its resdidents and honorary resdidents (those who appear to live here but don't)

me inside a dryer!!!
This is me inside a dryer. One night, for fun, we decided to climb into the dryers and take pictures.....

Pam Diane

Pam and Diane
Pam and Diane are the lovely ladies pictured here. They are the lucky ones that get to clean up after us kids. They are fabulous women and we love them to death.

Halloween costumes!
Daria, Johanna, Juliet and I before going to a Halloween party at the purple house in 1998.

Pictured here are two wonderful friends of mine that play guitar together in an ensemble called "Crushworthy". They were also part of a talented band named "Shelf 3" that disappeared off the face of the earth leaving only piles of homemade patches. Come see them perform, they are good!

The set of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' Maura, the set
A handful of us girls from Eaton house and a couple others (thanks to Maura) were responsible for painting the beautiful psychodellic set for the play "Jesus Christ Superstar" that was put on by students in the spring of '99.

Maura posing for me
This is Maura. Isn't she cute?

Should she cut her hair? the best dreds A new do!
Maura used to have neat dreds, this is the process of their removal and a transformation into a stylish short hairstyle. Lot's of people took part in this operation, and we got to pick out souvenirs.

Juliet and Kim
This is Juliette and Kim. Juliet left us for a while and spent a semester in scary Italy. She makes neat puppets.

Sexy Dan N
This is Dan Napolitano, he used to live in Richardson house, and some time before that was a Sacketeer. He likes penguins. Ask him to walk like a penguin for you some time.

Gothic sexy Dan W Dan W again
Wow...Dan Wilder looks really good in a skirt!

James! James and his wall James on a scooter
James James James...we are going to miss James. He was the cool punk dude of the time.

Aaron Pepelis...mmmmm Aaron and I at a wedding this October
This handsome creature is Aaron Pepelis. He lived in Hall house, our neighboor, for 5, yes five, years. He has graduated now but is still a DJ at our WUNH every monday night!
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